Viele Punkte auf den Punkt gebracht: Ein möglicher Treffer für die Familienforschung: eines der ältesten Fotos aus Neudorf zeigt die Familie Stuhr im Jahr 1880 © Karl Schmid

A / NOE: Neudorf im Weinviertel: Presentation

The market town of Neudorf im Weinviertel is located in the Lower Austrian district of Mistelbach. The Neudorf Topotheque was started three years ago as part of the LEADER project „Our communities in the old days“ of the Weinviertel Ost region and has been online for a long time. An official presentation followed, in which we can participate thanks to a „sideways glance“ video by Franz Kreuzinger. Through the teamwork of the eight topothecars from Neudorf and the cadastral communities of Kirchstetten and Zlabern, who are responsible for their respective locations, an extensive whole has emerged with a lot of interesting facts from the history and life in the community. Information can also be found from agriculture. Or did you know what you need a kack machine for? With regard to the history of clothing, the question arises as to whether the fabrics from 1880 are so called “blue prints”. It´s a shame that color photography hadn´t been invented back then.