Wo once the buses stopped, you can now start time travel. The new life of the old bus shelter in Martinsdorf, municpality of Gaweinstal. © Monika Bader

A / NOE: Martinsdorf: Opening of History Chamber

Buses used to stop here for the journey to work, but now you can start time travel here. After the bus stop had been moved to another location, Karin Griessbach thought about a new use for the bus shelter, which had now lost its function. Togehter with fellow campaigners from the community and the local Topotheque, the traffic structure became a jewel box for memories of the history of Martinsdorf. A selection of old photographs can attract those who are interested to linger and of course whet their appetite for more in the Gaweinstal Topotheque, the name of which is even burned into wood.

Opening of the Geschichte(n)-Kammerls: vltr: vice mayor Johannes Berthold, idea generator Karin Griessbach, Christian Berthold, Hermine Schreitl, mayor Birgit Boyer © Johann Pratsch
Historical views of the past of Martinsdorf are lovingly and diversely designed. © Monika Bader
With the event poster of the project “Our communities in the old days” of the LEADER region Weinviertel-Ost, with which the Topotheque of Gaweinstal began. © Monika Bader