FI | New Topotheque Opens in Ranua, Finland

Finland received its 18th Topotheque today as the Ranua’s Topotheque opens. The Topotheque is the second one in Lapland, as there is one Topotheque already in Sápmi Region in Northern edge of Finland. Ranua’s Topotheque already has some exciting content, like an image of “ummenajokas”, a motorised vehicle built by inventor Matti Lohi in Ranua in 1920’s. Worth checking out!

Ranua, famous for its wildlife park and other nature-related tourist attractions is located at the southern edge of Lapland. It has a population of about 3600 people.

As the number of Topotheques rises, more and more people have access to their local cultural heritage. More than million objects have already been released in Topotheques all around Europe. Learn more of Topotheques and start your own here:!