Motoriszed youth in the 1980s © Werner Vuk

A / NOE: Topotheque Gramatneusiedl online

Gramatneusiedl is a municipality southeast of Vienna. It can look back on more than 900 years of history. One of the first records says that a chapel was built in 1399. The effects of the Turkish sieges in 1529 and 1683 and the founding of the school in 1762 are also documented in writing. A new era began for the agricultural community in 1820, when the district of Marienthal with a textile factory and workers‘ colony was founded. The closure of the plant was a heavy blow for the community and its residents, which even led to the study „The Unemployed of Marienthal“ and thus made the district world-famous in specialist circles of history and social studies. But there were and are also diverse areas of life in addition to the work, which were presented in the new topotheque by Gramatneusiedl on June 14th in the community hall by Mayor Thomas Schwab and Alexander Schatek. In the topotheque, which is already extensive from the start and supervised by Brigitte Rieser and Werner Vuk, you will find a variety of historical documents, from the founder of the first elementary school to the smoking factory chimneys and everyday life in the factory settlement to more current celebrations and events.