Bringing in the harvest in Schranawand © Heimtamuseum Ebreichsdorf

A / NOE: Topotheque Ebreichsdorf online

Where is the best place to start a journey through time? In a train station, of course. The Topotheque of the town of Ebreichsdorf was opened in the old Unterwaltersdorf train station, which now houses the local history museum. After the welcome by Mayor Wolfgang Kocevar and a basic explanation by Alexander Schatek, a journey through the past of the cadastral communities began in the lecture room, which could hardly absorb the onslaught of interested parties. The team from the Topotheque Ebreichsdorf with Margret Widhalm, Lieselotte Glock, Ingrid Ilk and Claus-Christian Schuster presented the gems of the treasury of memories, including a private film from 1940 with the celebrations for a diamond wedding in Weigelsdorf. Historical customs are certainly an interesting source for science, from which knowledge about this region south of Vienna can be gained.