Topothequers of Gaubitsch with member of parliament Manfred Schulz (3rd from right), mayor Franz Popp (3rd from left), former mayor Alois Mareiner (blue shirt). © Gemeinde Gaubitsch

A / NOE: Gaubitsch presents Topotheque

The Topotheque of the Weinviertel municipality of Gaubitsch in the Leiserberge mountains had been online for some time, but Corona had prevented an opening event so far. Therefore, this has now been made up for. In the presence of Members of Parliament Manfred Schulz, Mayor Franz Popp and former Mayor Alois Mareiner as well as Alexander Schatek, the Topotheque was officially opened in the „Bühne Aktiv“ building, Gaubitsch‘s event center, with an extensive photo exhibition. Historical films could be seen in the theater hall and the numerous interested visitors were catered for until 8 p.m. Gaubitsch‘s Topotheque would like to give a chronologically holistic picture of the past and so it starts with the foundation deed from the year 1457 and leads via seal marks and faded photos of people who unfortunately can no longer be identified to the new adaptations of the church. Pictures of primates and weddings and their onlookers prove that there was a lot of celebration in Gaubitsch. Perhaps family researchers still have a way of finding the missing names?