Franz Thiel as a young teacher in the secondary school in Poysdorf. Remarkable: in order to make the looks more piercing, the pupils on the photo have been enhanced with a black dot. © Egon Englisch

A / NOE: Topotheque for Local History Writings

„The area from Vienna to Brno is little better than no area at all“ – a quote from Ignaz Castelli, which the local researcher Franz Thiel mentions, but of course cannot leave as it is. Because Thiel‘s mission in life was, in contrast to the perspective of a person just passing through this region, to document the diversity of the north-eastern Weinviertel. He collected evidence, researched in the archives and wrote countless texts that were published in various sources and are now accessible together in the new „Weinviertel-Thiel“ Topotheque.

Detlev Gamon, who enthusiastically collected the publications of the local historian Franz Thiel and who encouraged the local historians Johannes Rieder and Wolfgang Paar to “make something out of it”, provided the impetus for the reappraisal of Franz Thiel’s work. Alfred and Egon Englisch and Herrmann Geyer from Wilfersdorf joined the team in Poysdorf. All known publications by Franz Thiel were transferred to uniform text files and placed in their own Topotheque with well thought-out keywords.
This means that more than 600 works by Franz Thiel are accessible as pdf files – in a timely manner in the 50th year of his death.