Franz Lassacher is missing inthis image section. But you can find him in the text at the link on the right. © Hilda Baumgartner

A / OOE: Neukirchen bei Lambach: Topotheque online

On November 1st, the Topotheque of the municipality of Neukirchen near Lambach in Upper Austria went online. In addition to the visible Topotheque work – over 1,500 entries are already available at the start of this Topotheque – the Topothequers Christine Kettlgruber and Sandra Himmelbauer have also undertaken exemplary research on naming and obtained the authorization of living persons in advance. The historical arc begins with a report on an early sporting event, a sled race in 1867, and continues to the present day. Numerous death pictures remind of the former citizens and give the family research the faces to the black and white written registers. Christine Kettlgruber reports that the Topotheque received an extremely lively and positive reception in the first few days. Through the conversation about the new online collection, a number of new sources have already been discovered that would probably hardly have been developed without collaborative work and the patronage of the community. In addition, there is a nice proof of support on the foreword page: The LEADER region Wels Land supports the Topotheque Lambach because it “fits perfectly into the sustainability idea of ​​the project”. And here, by the way, you can see in more detail what the engine around which the gentlemen were rallying was used.