The fall of the old hose tower 1976 © Wilhemine Kraft

A / NOE: Weinviertel: Grossmugl launched

The Grossmugl Topothek in the western Weinviertel was activated on Friday evening with an online event. Grossmugl, known for excavations from the Hallstadt period, owes its name to the Leeberg, a mighty burial mound, colloquially known as „Mugl“. However, this early history is not the focus of the new Topotheque, but rather the events of the 20th century, of which many still have personal memories. The residents from all parts of the village who worked in the Topothek presented these memories personally by telling the explanatory stories to selected photos and thus creating a varied opening evening, which was opened by Mayor Karl Lehner and which started with an overview of the LEADER project in the The Weinviertel-Danube Region by Sonja Eder.
You saw the theater group from 1948 and heard the background to it, Corpus Christi in the early 1960s with grass clippings strewn on the street (the flowers sprinkled the children afterwards), you were guests at the feather tearing, a work during that – for understandable reasons – were not allowed to be spoken, saw the first championship team, the renovation of the Anna chapel, the change from the Agricutural Advanced School to the kindergarten and much more. Since everyday life is usually rarely documented, photos such as from the washing day of the women in Ottendorf and the exhausted tax officer, who also had to check the wine quality during his inspection, are of high documentary value.
If you want to see the change in color fashion, simply follow the video from the “street parking lot”. Today‘s line of cars would be – unlike back then – black-black-anthracite-black-colored.