Still today referred to by the locals as the "snowstorm of the century": Winter 1961 © Klaffer am Hochficht municipality

A / OOE: Klaffer am Hochficht online

The Upper Austrian municipality of Klaffer am Hochficht in the Rohrbach district is now strengthening the Topotheque structure in the Rohrbach district. The Topotheques of Nebelberg, Julbach and Aigen-Schlägl are already visible in the immediate vicinity in the border triangle. The Topotheque starts with a colorful cross-section of images through the years and seasons, mainly from the community archive. A remarkable document should be highlighted as a special feature, which also paints a historical picture of the mood for many other communities. Not scientifically, but literarily, said and written down in dialect, a poem shows a local‘s contemporary view of the introduction of electric light and is thus proof that historical truth lies not only in hard facts, but also in the atmospheric rendering of individual observations. The lines also show that in the 1920s the electricity was provided by local mill owners and was still a long way from a state-wide power grid. This plain-looking text is proof that some „historical gold“ does not shine at first sight.