Distinguished visitors: The mayoress of Freistadt, Mag. Elisabeth Teufer and Provincial Councilor Markus Achleitner flank the two Topothequers Ignaz Märzinger (Kollerschlag) and Anton Brand (Rohrbach-Berg) © Franz Pröll

A / OOE / Freistadt: Topo- theque at the “Ortsbildmesse”

After two years, the Upper Austrian “Ortsbildmesse”, a fair where the municipal projects are presented, was allowed to take place again. This time one could admire the “market stalls” on which the communities and associations presented their projects on the main square of Freistadt. The Topotheque was on display at several stands: Gramastetten was represented by the Ginterseder family, Sarleinsbach with Wolfgang Sauber, the Mersch family held up the Topotheque flag for Hochburg Ach, the Rohrbach museum initiative was represented by Anton Brand and Kollerschlag by Ignaz Märzinger. The local history association of the region pitched its own tent in front of the town hall, in which the Topothequers were available to answer questions from all interested parties and were able to discuss the Topotheques on a large screen.

The stands of the exhibitors were gathered on the town square of Freistadt. © Alexander Schatek
The Topotheques of the upper Mühlviertel were again presented with their own tent. © Alexander Schatek
The mayor of Kollerschlag, member of the state parliament Georg Ecker (right) with Ignaz Märzinger (Topotheque Kollerschlag), Wolfgang Sauber and Anton Brand (Topotheque Museumsinitiative Rohrbach-Berg) and Alexander Schatek @ Franz Pröll
Visit from Hörsching: Topothequer Hans Aumayr with Wolfang Sauber (Topotheque Sarleinsbach), Alexander Schatek and Ignaz Märzinger (Topotheque Kollerschlag) © Anton Brand