After a successful opening: Sonja Eder (LEADER Weinviertel-Donauraum), Vice Mayor Stefan Wannenmacher, Alexander Schatek (Topotheque), Topothequer Helga Ronge (Topothequ Enzersfeld), Günter Haselsteiner (Topotheque Enzersfeld), Ariane Lindner, Initiator of Topotheque Enzersfeld, Mayor Gerhard Glaser, Topothequers Kurt Becker and Maximilan Cerny, © Thomas Knie

A / NOE: Enzersfeld-Königsbrunn online

For a long time again: A real opening event. In the „Dorfhaus“, the event hall of Königsbrunn, the new Topotheque of the double community in the western Weinviertel was presented to the population, including numerous councilors and Vice Mayor Stefan Wannenmacher. After the introductory words of Mayor Gerald Glaser, Sonja Eder, managing director of the LEADER region Weinviertel-Donauraum, explained the historical regional project in which the Topotheque is integrated as a digital component. Alexander Schatek (ICARUS/Topotheque) spoke about the benefits and properties of the Topotheque before Topothequer Ariane Lindner described the genesis of the Topotheque of Enzersfeld-Königsbrunn. Günter Haselsteiner, from the local Topotheque team, then presented the first entries that encouraged lively discussions about the past of the community. Not everyone knew that the two communities could only come together after a swamp area had been drained, and that this measure made agriculture possible. A detective detail can also make a valuable contribution to local history. When looking more closely at a black and white picture from the time before the First World War, it became apparent that a wine lifter held by a landlord or winemaker contains a dark liquid. It can serve as evidence that red wine was also produced early in this white wine region. The very well-attended event was accompanied by the sounds of fire brigade brass music and a rich buffet that ended the long evening.