When mobile devices were not yet invented, children also hat do make do with a newspaper when they waited at the haierdresser´s. @ Gemeindearchiv Kematen

A / NOE / Mostviertel: Kematen online

Working up a collection is a beautiful and exciting thing and holds undreamt-of treasures, like an indoor shot from a hairdressing salon. However, it becomes a challenge when the pictures left behind have little or no inscription, as can be seen in the photo of the steam engine, which here in the 1920s probably powered a threshing machine. Who is the smartly dressed gentleman posing with the oily machine? Does he actually have two watch chains? What is the use of the long stick in his hand that would be far too long for a walking stick? Was he the owner who loaned the machine? With its Topotheque, the market town of Kematen an der Ybbs has set itself the task of obtaining information from the population in order to be able to shed light on such hidden stories. The pictures, which currently make up a large part of the collection, have been pre-labeled and given an explanatory comment by Topothequer Eva Zankl, so that initial information about the pictures can be obtained. Now the help and knowledge of the population is required in order to be able to complete the information. But not only photos are available to the viewer. Also advertisements from local companies in the form of slides that were shown in the cinema and are kept in the typical style of the 50s attract with offers: “Werkmeister”work boots, Belvedere tie or Chalette headscarf: the choice is yours.