What our feet walk on: different layers of different epochs of the road surface could be seen here at Raiffeisenplatz. © Ferdinand Wiesinger

A / NOE / Lower Austria: Laa an der Thaya online

In the north of the Weinviertel, on the border to the Czech Republic, the Topotheque of Laa an der Thaya went online! Geography also plays a role in the construction of the Topotheque itself, because the photos come from a collection arranged by streets, which Topothequer Ferdinand Wiesinger successively makes visible. The first two streets, Nordbahnstraße and the former Bräuhausgasse, now Bürgerspitalgasse, can now be viewed online. The special thing about this approach is that from the very beginning one can observe exactly the changes over time, stores, shopkeepers, renovations, events, old bills and new business cards. An example of this is the end of one branch of production: the last wooden horse-drawn carriage built in the Roth company. We wish the Topotheque of Laa an der Thaya many curious visitors, impatiently waiting for the history of their street!