Die Neudorfer Archivgruppe bei ihrer historischen Rundfahrt. © Christine und Johann Minarik

A / NOE / Neudorf/Weinviertel Research excursion

The Topotheque of Neudorf in the Lower Austrian Weinviertel region is well organized: the local archive team has been in existence for five years and also started work on the Topotheque last year.
The eight-member group took the anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate in a fitting manner. After a joint lunch, five different historical sites in the area were visited by tractor and trailer, explored and new insights gained. In Neudorf, they dealt with the Kellerberg and the roof construction of the church tower, the current owner led them through the Rothensee-Hof estate and provided interesting insights, in Zlabern they looked for the community/school cellar and in Kirchstetten they dealt with the drinking water supply. The informative day ended at a wine tavern. The documentation of the excursion itself can already be found in the Topohtek: as videos