The Topothequers (left to right): Josef Schaberger (Prinzersdorf), Karl Furtner (Haunoldstein), Theresia Schmidt (Dunkelsteinerwald), Georg Lohfink (Prinzersdorf), Walter Bachinger (Prinzersdorf), Gerhard Floßmann (Historiker), Walter Oezelt (Hafnerbach), Karl Eichinger (Hafnerbach), Anton Oezelt (Hafnerbach), Rudolf Birkfellner (Hafnerbach), Anna Rabacher (Markersdorf-Haindorf)

NOE | Prinzersdorf: Regional Topothequers Meeting

The Topothequers of Prinzersdorf invited the colleagues from the neighboring communities of Markersdorf-Haindorf, Haunoldstein, Dunkelsteinerwald and Hafnerbach to the annual meeting of the Topothequers. Walter Bachinger talked about his research work on historical vehicles and license plates and provided numerous useful links on the topic. Many examples have shown that vehicles can be interesting not only from an automotive perspective. Namely that they can have the function of a time stamp on a photo. This not only because of their year of construction, which defines a possible earliest date, but also because of the side of the street that was used or because of the license plates that define five epochs in Austria. Headlight caps can also limit a recording date to the time of the air raids or additional turn signals can set the recording date to later than 1972. As a guest speaker, the historian Gerhard Floßmann gave a lecture on the origin and meaning of the conscription numbers of houses. After interesting specialist discussions, the Topothequers let the evening end with a glass of wine.