A windmil: what was it for? Has flour been ground here or has electricity been generated? Was it a successful enterprise or just an experimental one? © Richard Grafeneder

A / NOE | Bad Traunstein Topotheque online

In the southern part of the Zwettl district and thus in the southwest of the Waldviertel in Lower Austria is the market town of Bad Traunstein, which has now made its Topotheque visible online. In doing so, it consolidates the network of Topotheques in the region, because the neighboring communities of Gutenbrunn, Ottenschlag and Sallingberg also provide an insight into their local history with a Topotheque. Former mayor Angela Fichtinger, Richard Grafeneder and employees at the municipal office are working as Topothequers, who can certainly reproduce a lot of official content first hand.

At the start of this Topotheque, they incorporated a number of pictures from the parish archives. Especially for the slides, it was time to digitally save them before they completely lose their color. As samples from this Topotheque, reference should be made to the bizarre, but perhaps informative performance by three men for folk music history. It is remarkable that the young lady, who recorded these chants with the recording microphone, and Anton Pichler behind the camera were aware of this musical speciality! In any case, this dokumentation is a great piece of local history and at the same time a piece of music history and a reminder of the long-dead singers. Further motion pictures by Anton Pichler show that this local filmmaker was well aware of the importance of documenting everyday life. A further short film should be mentioned below: it contains an example of how international fashion has displaced traditional costumes. See a parade of bell-bottoms in 1975 from 2:01 in the film from the school trip. And discover the documentation about everyday life with beet and hay harvest and much more!