The flying cross in 1961: that´s how it was built backt then. © Melk City Archives

A / NOE: City of Melk: Topotheque online

History can be so exciting: The Topotheque of the city of Melk starts with a few special retrospectives. The flying cross can be admired in one of several films from 1961. Here it is lifted back onto the church roof in a restored condition. Workers who are free from giddiness on wobbly wooden ladders mount it together with the previously raised large ball on the spire. The team from Topotheque Melk, coordinated by Paul Magg, is just preparing the first appetizers for the city‘s online archive. The development of the town hall and main square can already be observed using views from different eras. The inscriptions on Hauptplatz 10 „Café“, „Hotel,“ „Zimmer“ in their chronological sequence give an impression of the linguistic change in the customer approach. A sign that offers „”Gefrorenes” (something frozen) would meet with incomprehension among today‘s youth. We wish the Topothek Melk that a photo of the place that is announced with a sign will soon be visible: The ÖROP petrol station, a brand used in the time of soviet occupation.