Visiting school by helicopter? © HTL Hollabrunn

A / NOE | City of Hollabrunn + Breitenwaida: taking off

Hollabrunn Stadt and Hollabrunn Breitenwaida, as pioneers of the Hollabrunn municipality which is a district capital in the north west of Vienna, went online with their two Topotheques at the same time. Just like the municipality of Poysdorf, but unlike the municipality of Krems, individual Topotheques are planned for the villages of the municipality of Hollabrunn. The first experiences are now being gained with the two Topotheques of Hollabrunn Stadt and Breitenwaida: Which photos are the visitors interested in, which institutions can be obtained to make their images available and how quickly can the material be processed? Topothecquer Gabriele Bodei, who works for the City-Topothek, and Peter Tauschitz, who has taken care of the Topotheque in his home community Breitenwaida, form the start team, who would like to pass on their experiences to the new Topothequers in the other villages. In order to offer the younger population good opportunities to get started in their home history, the two Topothequers also rely on younger photos from the 80s, which are still less valued and are therefore particularly threatened with disappearing. But it is precisely this image material that represents the historical documentation for the next generation and must therefore be saved now. Who knows what stories former students can tell about the helicopter in school?

You can get a first impression of village and club life in the Breitenwaida Topotheque. A number of small monuments have been processed and reveal their interesting history, such as the image of the Virgin that used to hang in an earth cellar, where people looked for protection from storms.

The two topotheques of the municipality of Hollabrunn can be visited under Hollabrunn-Stadt and Hollabrunn-Breitenwaida. Perhaps you have just been to one of the Hollabrunn schools and still have memories in words and pictures? Even a small episode and an inconspicuous photo are valuable. Gabriele Bodei and Peter Tauschitz would be happy about it.

Flown to school in a helicopter? More about this can be found under the search term “helicopter” in the topotheque of Hollabrunn-Stadt.