Ein Blick zurück – in der Sallingberg schon möglich. © Kurt Schrammel

A / NOE | Sallingberg Topotheque online

The look back, as shown on our picture, is now also possible in the market town of Sallingberg in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel. How far the people were and are „blessed“ here – this means the first part of the word of the place name – will be shown by the further entries in this new Topotheque. At the start, the Topothek team around Cornelia Juster posted photos from many thematic and temporal areas in order to offer a variety of points of contact for the material from the future donators. In particular, reference should be made to two images.

The cabinet photo with the young lady in the photo studio is one of those recordings that are often viewed as worthless. Documenting clothing history is not a common collection guideline and so the majority of these photos disappear if no connection can be made with people who are still alive. Here one of these pictures is digitally saved and it has probably survived due to its family significance. Are these paper flowers that the young woman is holding in her hand? In any case, she uses her hand during the photo session for something different than Adalbert Meier, who cannot keep his cigarette off even with the photographer.

Another notable picture can be seen here. The motivation to capture this motif photographically will probably remain unknown. But what has come down to us is an inconspicuous but remarkable document for private customs at first glance. It tells us that in 1962 the Christmas cactus was already a common houseplant, what grave candles looked like before the era of LED lighting, and it is precise evidence of a wall pattern typical of the time. Let‘s look forward to more historical everyday treasures that can be seen in the Topotheque of Sallingberg.