A solemn motorized pageant: vehicle inauguration of the fire department © Leopold Koberger

A / NOE | Gablitz Topotheque online

In the time when there were no events, the team of the Topotheque of Gablitz took advantage of the opportunity and simply relocated the opening of the Topotheque to the Internet. With success! Although you don‘t get into the valuable unplanned discussions at the (missing) buffet, you can still be guided through the topic on the screen in a captivating way. In his opening address, Mayor Michael W. Cech was pleased with the content and growth of his Topotheque, which he was initially skeptical about. But the team in the market town of Gablitz around the head of the local history museum, Dr. Renate Grimmlinger, Angelika Haunschmidt and Florian Schober have already turned theyr Topotheque into a presentable historical jewelry box. And as with every activation of a Topotheque, it is always only the beginning that can be seen. Nevertheless, some topics are already densely documented, as shown, for example, by several pictures of the old brewery.