Important for the cellars of the inns, the cold stores of the butchers as well as for young people´s leasure: The ice pond © Gemeinde Katzelsdorf

A / NOE | Katzelsdorf/Leitha Topotheque online

The cover picture of the new Topotheque of the municipality of Katzelsdorf an der Leitha will astonish many young local residents: On which stagnant body of water was it so easy to paddle? In a Topotheque there are often some surprises that are able to consolidate the bond with the hometown. For the online start of the Katzelsdorf Topotheque, the images of the former Topotheque of the Eichbüchl have now also been included, which can still be easily found using the “Themes” list of topics or with the search term “Eichbüchl”. Many details have now been given additional keywords by the Topotheque team, because the original Eichbüchl Topotheque came from a time when it was not yet possible to tag details in the picture.

The core team of the Katzelsdorf Topotheque consists of people who have helped shape community life over many years: As former mayor, Hannelore Handler-Woltran knows just as much about the past as the long-time former official director Erich Holzer and the chairman of the village renewal association Eichbüchl and Former fire brigade administrative inspector Johann Woltran. A professional team that also takes great pleasure in preserving their knowledge for posterity. To solve the riddle on the cover picture: Back then, people paddled at the ice pond! It still exists today, but the vegetation has changed the landscape significantly.