When a shot makes broken pieces: clay pigeons were targeted here. © Heinzl

A / NOE | Hunting Association Gmünd: Topotheque launched

Combining scattered historical image sources digitally: that is the task of the new Topotheque of the Lower Austrian Hunting Association and its Gmünd district section. Topothequer Sepp Pruckner has taken up this topic and started the first hunting Topotheque using the example of the Gmünd hunt in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel. „There is a lot of interesting picture material about the hunt that is privately owned and therefore only accessible to a small part of the population. It also often happens that photo albums are simply stowed somewhere in the attic. A couple of years later they are thrown away. That is a shame, because not only the hunting customs should be carried on, but also the history of the hunting of a district should be archived, preserved and made accessible to the public”, is the motivation of Sepp Pruckner and district hunter Ernst Strasser. You can already see the start of these efforts here!