Summer idyll of the 1970 © Marktgemeinde Alland

A / NOE | Alland Topotheque online

When the Topotheque went online in the market town of Alland in the Vienna Woods, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the “historical mosaic”, as the digital collection is referred to in the foreword to the this Topotheque. Topothequer Erika Kuttner is now looking forward to matching further mosaic “stones” from the residents of Alland, who let the mosaic grow, as well as from former guests for whom the market town served as a place of relaxation. The pictures of the official building can serve as an inspiration for further collecting evidence: from the construction to the war destruction, from the renovation to the opening of the new municipal office. A specific topic, next to which further in-depth chapters can be opened in the future.