An air pioneer? A fighter plane? A daring pilot for sure! @ Leopold Sieder

A / NOE | Traisen started in a single-seater

Due to the great interest in the history of the market town of Traisen in the Lower Austrian district of Lilienfeld, the team led by Topothequer Alfred Streicher has now combined the content that relates to Traisen from the previous Topotheque Gölsental into its own Topotheque Traisen. In addition to the agricultural, small business and private memorabilia, there are numerous pieces of evidence for the history of the workforce, which was able to set a clear sign of life in the community through the metalworking companies. Proof of early political activity is a call to the “People‘s Assembly” from 1897. In particular, many former Traisners who have found their new home across the oceans are happy to find memories of their childhood. Feedback from Australia and the USA is not uncommon for the Traisen Topotheque, as Alfred Streicher tells. A vivid example of the emigration tradition is the picture with the bag of a long forgotten Australian airline: Ansett-Ana. Who can still recognize the airliner depicted on this bag? The pilot in the picture above is on the move with a completely different airy vehicle. If you don‘t want to guess what kind of „bomber“ it is, you can just look here.