Freshly hatched and already fluttering: The Neusiedl am See Topotheque has gone online with the main topic "Flower Festival 1969". © Stadtarchiv Neusiedl am See

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A municipality in which tourism is an essential economic factor always has two faces: the city of those seeking relaxation and the city of the residents. Both belong together and should be conveyed in historic retrospect. Therefore, the Topotheque of Neusiedl am See starts with a focus that combines both: the “Gladiolus Festival” of 1969. At the roadside the tourists taking photos, the locals in the elaborately designed floats. The first memories of the well-known annual event serve as a starting point for the population to discover old friends and digitally open their photo albums. In addition to private pictures, part of the city archive‘s photo collection will also be made accessible in the Topotheque. As a counterpoint to the tourist theme of the gladiolus festival, an interesting series about agriculture in the 1950s is waiting to become visible soon. Subsequently, the city archive plans to show special archive holdings in the Topotheque. The minutes of the council for the years 1585 to 1859 make a start here. The team of the “Verein Neusiedler Stadtarchiv” (Society of the City Archives) with Eva Maria Mannseberger und Anita Köstner is looking forward to continuous growth of their new Topotheque. Perhaps some holiday photos from far away find their way into the Topotheque of the town of Neusiedl am See!