Threshing of the green beans: who can still remember this machine? © Andreas Schmidt

A / NOE | Neudorf Topotheque online

The everyday things are often accepted and we don‘t know where they came from. Green beans? Yes, there are green ones and recently, more and more often, the yellow ones. They come from the freezer pack. But what are the work steps before that? The fact that a step in this process from everyday work was even photographed is a specialty. In our photo you can see the threshing of the beans with a special machine. From now on you can see a lot more from the cadastral communities of Zlabern and Kirchstetten in the Weinviertel, which belong to the municipality of Neudorf. This Topotheque is part of the LEADER project „Our communities in the past“ in which there are more than 30 Topotheques of the region online already. Beside another photo of the beans harvest you can find a reminder that the kukuruz (corn) was called „Woaz“ and you can see how it was picked. And in addition to these agricultural treasures you will of course find a lot more from the former community life.