A visit to the general store © Alfred Haupt

A / NOE | Karlstetten Topotheque online

The market town of Karlstetten, north-west of the state capital St. Pölten on the edge of the Dunkelsteiner Forest, has now also launched its Topotheque. Especially for the quiet days at the turn of the year, the first photos and documents should be used to encourage the residents to search through their treasures at home for more photos and information on the history of the community. Various topics that can come to light can already be seen: Unfortunately, hardly anyone will remember the participation of a youth group in a state exhibition in the capital in 1936. It‘s good that this event is now digitally secured. But the photos of the place from the church tower inevitably allow those familiar with the area to compare the current situation with that of 1982. A rare visit from Africa in 2004 is also documented, which can encourage us to capture the current insect world of the community in pictures if we can no longer capture it in real life due to light pollution and excessive green space management. Also you can discover that people smoked in the general store a long time ago. Just search for the tag “rauchen” (“smoking” in German). But they did not in the bakery in 1965.