As the furniture still consisted of real "benches": School class of 1953 © Johanna Achter

A / NOE | Hochleithen Topotheque online

Another Topotheque has become visible as part of the project „Our Communities in the Past“ in the LEADER region Weinviertel Ost. With the Hochleithen Topotheque, the network of public electronic archives between Kreuttal, Ulrichskirchen, Bad Pirawarth and Kreuzstetten has become even tighter. The villages of Bogenneusiedl, Traunfeld and Wolfpassing that belong to the municipality of Hochleithen are already well documented with many images. Discover the history of the community directly through a school class of 1953. You will recognize why we still refer to school furniture as „benches“ even if they are already chairs and tables. Here is the entrance.