High above Gurtenweg in House number 3. @ Slg Freiburghaus

CH | Gurtenbühl Topotheque online

In the south of Bern, at the foot of the Gurten, the city‘s local mountain, lies Gurtenbühl. This settlement in the municipality of Köniz was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is now a typical Swiss residential area near the city. And people there are aware of the history of their place. The Leist vom Gurtenbühl, which upholds the tradition of the place and now also runs the Topotheque, has existed since 1911. In the Bern area, a local club is called a Leist.

The first suggestions for more can already be seen. You can already discover what Ms. Pauli-Brönnimann had to do with coil springs: at Gurtenweg 6