The brothers of the house of Tuomaala with their household’s horses in 1920’s. The horse with light mane is a Finnhorse - the only horse breed completely developed in Finland. © Otto Tuomaala

FI | Town of Sievi 14th Topotheque in Finland

The number of Topotheques in Finland keeps rising as the Topotheque of Sievi was opened today. The town which is known for its work and safety boot industry is located in the province of North Ostrobothnia about 500 kilometres north of Helsinki.

The Topotheque consists of almost 200 object of Sievi’s cultural heritage and the number is rising in near future. In all, Finnish Topotheques have over 15 000 images, documents, audio files and videos from all over the country. Most content are from private or local archives and never seen in public before. Have a look!