Säkylä 1940-1950, Tuomo Kankareen kotiarkisto, Säkylä. CC BY-NC

FI | Säkylä: +2,000 images, documents, audios, videos

Säkylä’s Topotheque reached the milestone of 2000 objects (images, documents, audio files and videos) a while ago when the image of the waterfront of Alho’s fishing village in 1920’s was published. Congratulations to active local heritage community in Säkylä and all the best for the continuation of the work! We are looking forward to see even more content from Säkylä in the Topotheque.

The municipality of Säkylä is located in Western Finland by the beautiful Lake Pyhäjärvi. The municipality has a population of about 6700 residents. Säkylä’s Topotheque was founded in 2017 when their LEADER-funded local heritage project Säkylän historiaa – pankaas kattoen! [History of Säkylä – just come and see this!] was established. The content of Säkylä’s Topotheque has been utilised, for example, in teaching of local history to children in local schools.

Image: 1940’s or 1950’s post card image from Säkylä. Tuomo Kankare’s home archives, Säkylä. CC BY-NC