Die Alpen im Weinviertel: die niedrigst gelegene Schutzhütte des Alpenvereins findet sich in den Leiserbergen im Gemeindegebiet von Gnadendorf. © Herbert Haupt

A | LEADER WeinviertelOst: Gnadendorf Open

With the picture of the Buschberg hut, the lowest shelter of the Austrian Alpine Club, the landlord, Stefan Schuster, symbolically invites you to enter in 1960. Not this time (yet) in the hut, but at least in the new Topotheque in Gnadendorf. The community of Gnadendorf, consisting of the cadastral parishes of Eichenbrunn, Gnadendorf, Pyhra, Röhrabrunn, Wenzersdorf and Zwentendorf, opened its doors just in time for Pentecost Sunday.

The most striking building is the radar station built on the Buschberg in the 1960s, which contributes significantly to the safety of air traffic in Austria. One of the peculiarities of the municipality is a chapel dedicated to St. Koloman, who was resting here and who was the patron saint of Austria up to 1663. More recently, the radar station, the nature park and the tradition of sautrog (pig trough) racing, possibly a continuation of a practice from times of emergency due to the Zaya floods.

See what the Topothequers Josef Amon, Karl Eisner, Johann Hartmann, Herbert Haupt, Karl Holzinger, Franz Schmidt, Johann and Michael Staribacher and Josef Weichselbaum have in store for you in the Topotheque Gnadendorf!