Does this photo show a website with an .at extension as early as 1970? Or is it just a speciality of a local dialect? © Josefa Czezatke

A | LEADER WeinviertelOst: Altruppersdorf launched

Another Topotheque in the eastern Weinviertel has become visible. The two Topothequers Beate Leitner and Josefa Czezatke tell about the course of their work with the Topotheque: „The ‚Topotheque fever‘ caught us from the start. It is sometimes difficult to interrupt, and although it is admittedly time and work intensive – we both work on the side, have family and household etc. – it gives us great pleasure. ”The most beautiful results that a Topotheque can bring, counts the good reception in the population. In addition, the two Topothequers report that „the many positive responses naturally provide additional motivation for us.“

For the current reasons, the planned presentation of the new Topotheque Altruppersdorf could not take place. But the Topothequers are confident. They believe that the accessible Topotheque can be a little distraction distraction for some in this difficult time. Beate Leitner: „Perhaps material for our Topotheque will appear during the rummaging in the current phase …“ Maybe start your journey through Altruppersdorf with a team of cows that was common in the region!