Drei Frauen vor dem Bachmannhaus
Wiederaufbau in Dellach im Gailtal

First Topotheque in Carinthia: Dellach in the Gail Valley

The publication of the Topotheque Dellach in the Gail Valley marks the first Topotheque in Carinthia. Despite the hot summer days and after merely a month of training, there are already 300 images available to the public now. The Topotheque starts out with reminders of club activities: Photos

of the soccer club, the drama club, the men´s choir and the band in traditional costume. Within the near future, chronicles documenting the First World War are planned to be included into the Topotheque Dellach – the region of the Carnic Alps was an embattled frontline. Who knows what kind of treasures remain to be discovered in private collections?